Guyana is called the land of many waters. Guyana also has a very long coastline, with the beautiful long comes many beaches to enjoy, but two of these beaches are known to steal the show for their beauty. These two beaches are the #63 Beach and Shell Beach.

63 Beach Berbice
The #63 Beach Berbice lies near Corriverton on the southeast Atlantic coast close to the Suriname border. The beach stretches for 10 miles, connecting several villages along the Corentyne River as it approaches the coast. The beach may be crowded, particularly on weekends. Beach activities include swimming, beach volleyball, and fishing. Basic accommodation is available in Corriverton. New Amsterdam, about 60 miles from the beach, offers moderate accommodations.

Shell Beach
Guyana’s well-known Shell Beach extends about 90 miles along the undisturbed coastline in northwest Guyana. True to its name, the beach is covered with tiny shells. It is known for swimming, but more for turtle swimming than for humans. Every year from early spring to mid-summer four of the world’s eight turtle species climb up the beach, dig nests among the shells, lay eggs and then return to the ocean. Some turtles lay as many as 120 eggs. Visitors to the area may accompany conservationists to view the nocturnal turtle activity. The area features mangroves interspersed with sandy beaches. The natural ecosystem also supports manatees, jaguars, and monkeys. Small villages provide accommodations.

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