Over 3.5 billion people worldwide rely on rice for their calory intake every day,
which proves how important it is in daily nutrition. Rice is known to be one of the
best sources of energy and protein, it is good for skin, prevents cancer and obesity,
but most importantly, rice is the main ingredient of so many delicious meals we all
enjoy sharing with our loved ones. People in Guyana are not an exception either;
they LOVE rice. They love their rice cooked in different ways and even prefer
different brands. The most popular one in Guyana is “Karibee Rice.” This brand is
loved by locals, as well as other Caribbean nations, but what is so special about it?

First of all, the producers of Karibee Rice focus more on quality than quantity.
They started small, making sure the product’s quality was good, and then expanded
as there was more demand from the market. A safe environment and hygiene are a
top priority for the producing team. They are quite open to show people how
exactly everything is done and have been so since the day of establishment, which
leads people to trust them and their brand. Karibee Rice was established in 1999
and has been everyone’s favorite ever since. Not only did the business not fail in 22
years, but exactly the opposite happened; they expanded, started producing more
and more every year, and now they even export it.

As the business grew, they also had to increase the amount of production, types of
the products, distribution, and take care of any minor problems that would arise on
the way. We could say they have been doing an amazing job with that, considering
how far they have come in a little over two decades. Karibee Rice currently has
four main products; pet, white, brown, and parboiled rice. They all come in
different sizes and packaging. Besides the already existing standard packages, the
company also takes requests to make different sizes, which allows the consumers
to purchase exactly as much as they need. There is a great demand for all four
types, and it proves that the company works to make sure everything they produce
has a high quality.

The first type, white Rice, is put into boxes after a long process. First, the husk is
removed, then with the next step, they also remove the bran and germ. This is for
the taste, texture, and look to be appealing and satisfy the buyer. After the
unnecessary parts are removed, the rice is polished during the milling process. This
results in the rice grains getting a shiny, bright, and white look. White Rice is
usually hardly spoiled since it is resistant to oxidation once the bran layer is
removed. Doing this also improves the cooking quality. Karibee’s white Rice is
quite rich in nutrition and is good for health. It contains no gluten and no
cholesterol, has a low amount of sodium, and is full of safe and healthy
carbohydrates. Although customers can request a package size, the standard ones
are 400g, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 10kg, 22kg, 45kg, 50kg, and 20lb.

The Karibee Brown Rice also goes through some processes before reaching the
consumers. Most importantly, the paddy kernel has to be removed, which is almost
not damaging its nutritional value at all. This second type of rice contains
antioxidants, vitamin B, fiber, protein, minerals, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.
Brown Rice contains nearly four times the mineral magnesium than any other rice
grains. These are great for keeping your bones and teeth strong and also supporting
correct blood glucose levels and blood pressure. Cholesterol can also be lowered
using the fiber in Brown Rice. Fiber also aids in the movement of waste across the
digestive system and encourages a feeling of fullness. Brown rice has a moderate
“glycemic index,” making it a good option for people with diabetes. This is a
measurement of how easily and how high a diet increases a person’s blood sugar
when they consume it. This one usually comes in 2kg boxes, but you can always
request your preferred size.

The next one, Pet rice, might come as a surprise for some people. Karibee Rice
provides a certain type of rice specifically for pets. This is the perfect option for
your pet as it’s easily digested and is rich in nutrition. Karibeeā€™s Pett Rice contains
healthy carbohydrates and high fiber content providing animals with energy and
helping with constipation. This product is available as requested or in standard
2kg, 4kg, 10kg, and 45kg packages.

The last one is Parboiled Rice. Parboiling at the Milling Complex requires
hydrothermal processing of the paddy before milling. The hydrothermal treatment
itself consists of three stages: soaking, steaming, and drying. The paddy kernel is
soaked, steamed, then dried to 14% moisture using a biomass boiler, and then it is
milled and stored. The aim of parboiling is to create physical, chemical, and
organoleptic changes in the rice kernel that have economic, nutritional, and
functional benefits. These benefits are the nutritional value, digestibility, and
storage stability. After being parboiled, the rice becomes more resilient to insect
attacks and absorption of moisture from the environment. Parboiled Rice is
available in 400g, 800g, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg, 22kg, and 45kg packages,
or in a size that you will request.

Karibee Rice also gives a chance to importers and everyone that wants to create
their own rice brand to use its products and change the label. This way, local
people and surrounding countries get to consume quality rice that they use on a
daily basis. People are looking for affordable goods, but when it’s combined with
health benefits, amazing taste, and is easily obtained, it automatically becomes
everyone’s favorite, and Karibee Rice is the perfect example of it. The company
also pay close attention to how employees are treated. They
believe if everyone enjoys the work, the product will be made with love and
enthusiasm to satisfy the consumers. Guyanese rice is definitely worth a shot!