Amid the current COVID situation, Guyanese families around the world are complaining about the current border closing situation. Let’s be clear here as a country Guyana must do what is required to stop the spread of this novel virus. With that being said it’s sad to say despite the closures of the two main airports in Guyana  the numbers of cases continue to rise dramatically in the country more specifically in the regions which borders Brazil and Venezuela. 

It’s clear we have a system that’s broken and doesn’t work. Better management and emphasis needs to be placed on these borders of Guyana if they intend to reduce the spread of the virus. Since the highest numbers of cases are being recorded in these regions.

Now let’s look at the airports! With the airports being closed it has already lost up to a billion dollars in revenue in just four (4) months, and the numbers of cases are increasing daily, this is what’s very concerning to the many citizens of Guyana who are stranded abroad, since the cannot return and the reason for the airport being closed is to slow the spread. It’s clear this measure is the wrong approach and the airports are not where the virus is coming into the country. Many employees can’t afford to provide for their families. Not to mention the mental stress being caused on families who are separated from their families and loved ones. There is also a huge financial burden on the shoulders of these individuals who are stuck abroad because many are without no source of financial support. 

It is definitely time for this situation to be addressed, the citizens of Guyana and their families are seeking a definite answer amid this crisis. This is all they are asking for a set date when the airports will reopen, with screening measures in palace to accommodate their entry. The date for reopening the airport keeps getting changed and thus is causing a lot of frustration with the citizens stuck overseas. Many stuck citizens are deeply saddened, concerned and are requesting for this matter be addressed. Hopefully there will be a closer look into this matter so the family can be reunited.